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Cultural adaptation of the Safer Baby Bundle

Having a safer and healthy pregnancy is the aim for all families. While having Sorry Business Babies (stillbirth) is unlikely for most women, there are a few key things to do to keep bubba safe.

Our Mobs looked at these ways to make sure things are done in our ‘own ways of knowing, being and doing’ and that pregnancy care is community centred, where bub and mum are surrounded by people they trust.

Thematic Diagram

Illustration of Community member’s feedback

These key principles have been embedded into five key messages to prevent Sorry Business Babies (stillbirth) and have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

The development of these resources has been led by the Stillbirth CRE’s Indigenous Research Team, inclusive of strong Indigenous women and supported by the Indigenous Advisory Group of Stillbirth CRE. Together with our partners, we aim to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and the health care practitioners who care for them understand what they can do to reduce the risk of Sorry Business Babies.

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